White Construction’s Post-Frame buildings can be built in all kinds of locations year-round.

This storage shed building was assembled on a hillside in winter. Our crew can get it done even in the snow!

Prepping the Site and Building the Frame

Our wood post frame construction technique makes our buildings stronger and sturdier than similar metal-frame buildings.

We use an auger to bury the foundation posts a minimum of 3 feet deep into the ground. Our posts are .60 CCA treated with a lifetime warranty.  The posts will not rot or decay, and termites will not harm the posts.

Insulation, Metal Siding and Concrete Foundation

When the frame is completed our crews can finish the building with insulation, our custom made metal siding and metal roofing, gutters, windows, concrete foundation and doors.

These finishing touches combined with our sturdy post-frame construction will keep your building in great shape for years to come.

Ready to start your project?

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