White Construction - post-frame building interior with atv

Most construction companies shut down during the cold winter months.

Not White Construction Company – we build our quality Post-Frame buildings year round!

With our type of post-frame construction we are able to build during the coldest months of the year. We actually even offer better deals to our customer who sign up with us during these months!

How does White Construction offer off-season construction?

With our post frame construction the concrete floor is the last thing that we do. We build the structure first, insulate it with 2″ or  3″ insulation, install insulated garage doors, and then pour the concrete floor. As long as the concrete plant is open, then we can pour it. Concrete plants typically do not close unless the temperature is in the single digits all day long.

Since our building is complete before the concrete application we can control the elements where the concrete floor is poured.

Not only will you save money by building in the winter months, we can also start your building much sooner now than in the spring, summer or fall.

Don’t wait until spring! Call us now or fill out a quote request and tell us that you saw this section on our website.

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