White Construction Company uses 30 pounds of steel fibers per cubic yard for our concrete reinforcement – this product has eliminated the use of rebar in concrete slabs.

Our use of steel fibers instead of rebar saves time and money on your project.

Since concrete is the last phase in a Post Frame Building, rebar would require you to pump concrete inside the building through a door opening. We offer our steel fibers as an add-on to our foundations that will save the customer money, pump charges, and labor.

Our steel fibers we stock are more economical, and are proven to be more effective than rebar or wire. The only labor involved with our steel fibers is pouring the fibers into the concrete truck.

Rebar and wire have the tendency to sink to the bottom of the concrete slab. We typically pour 4 inches of concrete in our buildings. Our steel fibers are throughout the entire slab from top to bottom.

Do not be fooled by our competition! When they tell you they include fibers in their concrete, they are usually talking about synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers will only prevent cracks during the plastic settlement phase. Synthetic fibers are intended for outside pours, on sunny, or windy days. Remember that synthetic fibers do not prevent cracks after the concrete has hardened. Concrete needs to have steel reinforcement to prevent cracks, and give strength to the concrete foundation. Steel fibers will prevent cracks from spreading after the concrete has hardened.

We will guarantee our concrete to last, and give a full warranty for the life of the building when using steel fibers.

Steel fibers for reinforced concrete foundations in White Construction post-frame buildings

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