White Construction Company supplies all the lumber needed to frame your Post-Frame building.

We order our 2 x 6’s straight from the mill, to keep your price low.

Since 2 x 6’s are the most frequently used piece of lumber in a Post Frame building we strive to get the best. Our goal is to get the best quality lumber with the best price right from the source to pass the savings on to our customers. Straight lumber makes a building’s appearance look professional.

White Construction - framed Post-frame building
Treated lumber posts for post-frame buildings

White Construction Company supplies quality pressure treated lumber for post frame buildings.

We supply lumber for two different applications: posts that go in the ground, and lumber that is ground contact only.

White Construction’s pressure treated post are usually 4 x 6, 6 x 6 and 6 x 8 in size. All post are treated with CCA .60 treatment. Ground contact lumber, commonly known as “skirt boards” are 2 x 8 x 10 and 2 x 8 x 12. These boards are treated with CCA .40 treatment.

All of Strong Mountains treated lumber has a limited lifetime warranty. This treatment is guaranteed in most residential and agricultural applications against termites or fungal decay. This lifetime warranty is good for as long as a person may own the building.

White Construction Company also stocks high-quality trusses.

All of our trusses are stamped with engineering for your state.

Our trusses come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the design you need for your project.

White Construction Company can erect buildings as wide as 80′ with clear span. There are no posts required for the center of the building. These trusses are supported by 6″ X 8″ pressure treated post on each end of the truss. We space our roof trusses every ten feet. In between the trusses we install 2″ x 6″ boards, spaced every thirty inches in engineered hangers.

We can build clear span buildings as big as 80′ wide with no limit on length!

White Construction trusses for post-frame buildings
White Construction post frame building hangers


Attached is a picture of all the hangers White Construction supplies. Starting from left to right:

  • Gutter Hanger: This hidden hanger hangs the gutter to the eave of the building.
  • Single Hanger: This hangs purlins between a truss and an end wall.
  • Double Hanger: This hangs purlins between trusses.
  • Hurricane Strap: This attaches purlins to the Gable truss when an end wall overhang is present. This strap prevents strong winds from uplifting the roof off of a Post Frame Structure.

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