White Construction expertly frames a Post-Frame building before adding siding

Post-Frame Buildings

A Stronger Building at a Better Price

White Construction builds quality Post-Frame Buildings for commercial, residential or farming needs.

Our high quality, competitively priced buildings offer multi-functional spaces for owners.

With over 18 years experience in Post-Frame construction, White Construction is a leader in the Southeastern United States construction community.

White Construction can prepare your building site for construction, and coordinate the entire construction process of your Post-Frame Building.

Post-Frame construction allows your building to be fully functional in as little as two weeks.

Customize Your Project

White Construction Company can customize your Post-Frame building

Our Post-Frame buildings are endlessly customizable with a variety of colors, styles and options to make your building the perfect fit for your property.

Build It Yourself

Build your own Post-Frame building with materials from White Construction

Save even more money by building it yourself! We’ll deliver all the lumber, materials, and instructions you need right to your site for a project of any size.

Unlimited Uses

White Construction has built Post-Frame buildings to be used as poolhouses

White Construction Post-Frame buildings aren’t just barns and garages – projects we’ve built businesses, churches, pool houses, and even a hockey rink!

Ready to start your project?

Fill out a form to let us know your building needs and we’ll get in touch with you for a quote. Once scheduled, your new Post-Frame building can be ready to use in as little as two weeks!