Our lumber division provides Post Frame building contractors all the materials necessary to construct a high quality Post Frame building at a competitive price.

We sell building materials locally to the general public, and also to authorized dealers.

Our building kits are called Strong Mountain Buildings. Strong Mountain strives to make sure that our dealers make a greater profit on each job. Strong Mountain supplies dealers with the best quality of materials, at the cheapest price. Instead of your current building supplier making all the profit, we strive to be 15% – 20% cheaper than their current price. We believe that the contractors that do the hard work should make a majority of the profit.

Strong Mountain Buildings can also make your job easier by calculating the amount of lumber, steel panels, screws, insulation, etc. needed for the building. Our delivery team ensures that each building is delivered in its entirety. Upon delivery, your construction crew can begin the construction process with all the necessary materials at your job location.

Become a Strong Mountain dealer and start saving money on your contracting projects today!

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