White Construction - post-frame building insulation rolls
Insulation rolls


White Construction Company supplies insulation needed for your post frame buildings.

The attached photo demonstrates a 50′ long roll and a 100′ long roll. The width of both rolls are 6ft.

We supply our dealers with 2″ and 3″ thick insulation. The clean white vinyl backing of the insulation makes the interior of a Post Frame Building look very professional.

Rain Goods

White Construction Company keeps all items to assemble rain goods for your building in our inventory.

The pictures attached include the following.

  • 6″ Gutter available in 16 colors- seamless.
  • 3″ Downspout’s available in 16 colors, 10ft long.
  • 5″ Right Hand and Left Hand End Caps available in 16 colors.
  • 3″ Elbows available in 16 colors.
  • 3″ Oval Outlets Galvanized.
  • Pop Rivets available in 16 colors.
  • Downspout straps available in 16 colors
  • Gutter Apron White only 10ft long – prevents leaks at sidewalls.

The gutter apron item goes behind the gutter and cannot be seen. Other companies do not use gutter aprons; they use a treated board at the top of the sidewall because they can not stop water from coming inside the building.

White Construction Company also uses seamless gutters made in-house to ensure your building drains properly for years to come.

White Construction - rain goods for Post-Frame buildings
Rain goods
White Construction - pop rivets for post-frame buildings
Pop rivets


White Construction Company supplies everything needed to build a Post-Frame building.

Here are a few miscellaneous items that are needed when erecting a Post-Frame Building:

  • Insulation patch tape. Can be used when insulation backing is punctured.
  • Side lap Sealer: Used to prevent water from entering where metal is over lapped.
  • T50 Staples used with a slap hammer style staple gun to hang insulation.
  • Gutter Caulk. Used at seams of gutters where they over lap.
  • Behind these four items in the attached photo are closure strips that is placed under the Ridge Cap. These prevent water from running, or blowing up under the Ridge.
White Construction - miscellaneous parts for post-frame buildings

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