Stuart Rambo

Butler, TN

I thought you might like to know our garage just withstood a tornado last night. Impressive! Our neighbor’s building didn’t make it. Maybe he should have went with White Construction as well!

When inquiring about our garage, I asked you if it could withstand wind. You assured me it was rated for 90 mile per hour winds. We had a tornado last night, and you will see in the photo the chestnut tree that uprooted before heading up the road, (our garage in the background) wiping out most of our fencing. The next picture shows our garage, good as new. The third photo is our neighbor, about a mile up Hwy. 67. He wasn’t as lucky. His garage was destroyed. Thought you might find this interesting!

Leon Parrish

Surgoinsville, TN

I can not say enough about the workmanship I see in the erection crews work. The thing that makes it easy for them is that White Construction gave them good materials to work with. I have bought lots of lumber at home centers and lumber yards and as you and I know good construction lumber is hard to find at a reasonable cost. Everything they did is plumb, straight and level. This makes finishing the inside easier because there was no time wasted working around any mistakes. The concrete job is, as you said it would be, first rate.

I can not say enough good things about the building!

The questions remains, would I do it again with White Construction? YOU BET I WOULD!

John Alexander

Bluff City, TN

Hats off to your erection crew!

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