White Construction’s experience with Post-Frame buildings and the flexibility of their design means the sky is the limit with your project!

Our expertly-engineered designs can be customized with a number of options to make each building truly unique.

Your Post-Frame building can even be designed and built to seamlessly integrate with existing homes or other structures.

Take a look at some of the options for our Post-Frame buildings below.

Customized White Construction post-frame building

Color Options

White Construction painted steel has a 40-year warranty!

Polar White

Desert Tan



Cocoa Brown

Burnished Slate

Ash Gray


Hawaiian Blue

Charcoal Gray

Crimson Red

Gallery Blue

Light Stone

Rustic Red

Ivy Green

Saddle Tan

Copper Metallic


White Construction post-frame building overhang


Overhangs will make the building blend in on the property, matching the style of a home.

Adding overhangs to a Post Frame Building will create a more residential style building. Our customers usually feel that the overhangs are worth the additional cost for labor and material, and really add to the appearance of their Post-Frame building.


What really makes the difference on a metal roof is the trim and accessories.

White Construction’s trim is made in-house out of the same material as the roofing panels. We can manufacture special trim if needed in lengths up to 20′.  The trim has the same 40 year paint warranty as the panel. The color of the trim is an exact match to the panel.  There is no downtime waiting on trim for one of our buildings.  If we accidentally damage a piece of trim on a job, we have it in stock, or we can make it in a few minutes.

If you are in the market for a metal roof, make sure you price the entire job. Other companies have been known to get your attention with the low lineal foot price on the panel. We have seen the competition mark trim items, and accessories up as much as 300-400%.  We strive to cut out the middle-man and pass along the trim and accessory savings on to our customers.

White Construction Post-frame building trim products
White Construction Post-frame building - alternative siding

Alternative Siding

One of the benefits of Post-Frame Buildings is being able to use different options for siding.

The majority of the buildings that we build are assembled with 29 gauge steel walls. In some cases people want to hang vinyl siding or lay brick for their exterior walls.

White Construction can assemble your building with OSB board on the walls instead of steel, then refer you to professionals to complete your exterior walls. This would be a good option for residential customers who have vinyl siding on their house and want their garage to match the home.

This also is an option for businesses that want the road frontage side of the building to be brick, stone, or vinyl.

Seamless Gutters

Installing a seamless gutters on your Post-Frame building can prevent leaks that occur at a gutter’s seam.

A seam usually only holds for about five years.  After five years the caulk starts to come loose and water will drip from that seam.  Our seamless gutters, manufactured in-house, are another way that we can build a maintenance-free building that will last you a lifetime.

White Construction post frame building seamless gutter system

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