White Construction roofing roller for post-frame building materials

We sell metal to the public and to roofing contractors. Roofing contractors are our best customers!

We strive to produce a quality product, with excellent customer service.

Why would a roofer buy materials from their competition?  Here at White Construction and Lumber Company we do not compete with the roofing contractors.  Unlike many other metal roofing manufacturers, we do not install metal roofs. We can assure the roofing contractor that they will never compete with their supplier when purchasing material from us.

We offer the best paint line available, Valspar Weather XL, with a 40-year paint warranty.

We can deliver metal roofing straight to the job site.  Our delivery trailer makes it very easy for the roofing contractor.  You tell us where to sit the stack of metal, and we will put it there!  No need to unload each piece by hand with our delivery system.

Our trailers are designed to slowly unload the metal off the back to the desired location.  The trailer raises in the front, and slowly lowers the stack of metal to the ground with ease.

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White Construction Company can ship materials for post-frame buildings

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