Once your White Construction Post-Frame building is done, finish the inside to make it a barndominium.

A “barndominium” is a stylish non-traditional home built with our post frame process and our custom made metal siding.

Let us know ahead of time what kind of features your home will have and the building can be done to meet your needs.

White Construction - post frame home finishing - barndominium construction

Site Preparation and Initial House Framing

While White Construction crews begin preparing your site and framing your home, lines for plumbing and other utilities can be prepared.

These photos show plumbing trenches and pipes being installed during the framing process so water can be easily be run later.

Exterior Finishing & Details

Accent your sturdy metal-sided construction any way you like.

A wood soffit, rustic wood porch beams, and a unique gable shape were added to this home.

Interior Finishing

Once the exterior of this home was completed, work could begin finishing the inside.

A wood ceiling ties this project together with an attractive finishing touch.

Ready to start your project?

Fill out a form to let us know your building needs and we’ll get in touch with you for a quote. Once scheduled, your new Post-Frame building can be ready to use in as little as two weeks!